What were they thinking?

I prepared three estimates this week for properties worth over a million dollars with the worst closets ever. Small, angular and the cheapest material for closet rods on the planet. I am at a loss for words as to why a contractor would offer this and why the home owner would accept it. Can I fix it? Sure. Should I have to? No. Many builders do not place value on what happens in the closet. It’s a small ticket relative to the overall cost of the house. I once was told that the closets are only important to me. Wrong. For many men, it may be more likely to be low on the totem pole of wants to begin with. The reality, however, is that often a woman picks the house and women LOVE closet systems. My advice to you, the builder: woo your customer by offering a closet she just can’t resist. My advice to you, the home buyer: read the fine print and negotiate up front for a closet that suits your needs and suits the house. You have a lot of leverage before you sign the contract so tell them you want the closet of your dreams so you won’t be facing a nightmare.

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