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Super Wine Storage

CLASSIC ARCH WINE RACKS https://morestorage.com/classic-arch-wine-racks-p-2539.html


It’s that time again… the smell of fall is beginning to drift in the air… There are only a couple of weeks of summer left and if you reside on the east coast like we do, you’ll soon be blessed with copious quantities of snow along with sub zero temperatures as the rotten cherry on top. (If you live in an area with a warmer climate where you can drink wine outside all year long, stop teasing us!)

Get prepared, it’s never too early to get ready for the inevitable winter blizzard! Get to the grocery store and get all your canned soups and veggies, cases of bottled water, candles and batteries, and… wait, a second… what are we talking about? Canned veggies are gross, soup is overrated, and if you have kids, you’ll need more than just water and batteries to survive a power outage. If there’s even a remote possibility you could become barricaded in your home under 6 tons of frigid ice and snow, I think the recommended number of FULL wine bottles to have on hand is… 47!

Now hold on, maybe you’re sitting there saying to yourself “…that’s a lot of wine, how will I store it all safely?” You’re in luck! With our Classic Arch Wine Rack, storage is easier than ever, and it’s easy to see if you’re fully stocked when weather alerts come roaring your way. This rack features 47 individual bays, enough for all of your finest wine. The unit is constructed of durable steel with a powder-coasted black matte finish. (In other words, virtually damage proof!)

Once you’ve made it through the long winter months, this unit has plenty of summer uses, too! Place the rack on your pool deck with rolled towels in the wine cubbies for kids and guests to quickly grab. Store paper towels. Corral art supplies. Place rolled magazines in the slots and silently point if any tiny humans in the vicinity complain of boredom… the possibilities are endless!

Need a few extra spaces for luck? Have a more industrial style? All of the above applies to our Epicurean Wine Storage, as well… except that there’s space for a whopping 91 bottles!

EPICUREAN WINE STORAGE SYSTEM, 7 ROW RACK https://morestorage.com/epicurean-wine-storage-system-row-rack-p-648.html


How about you? Where would you use this Wine Rack in your home? Are you a fledgling wine connoisseur who needs storage space? Preparing for the apocalypse? A creative crafter? Hit us up in the comments with your thoughts!

It’s prime time to organize… purses?

pursesWhile scheduling an appointment yesterday a customer mentioned that she was already changing her purses over from summer to winter. The flip of the calendar drove her to start her wardrobe changeover despite the fact that it was 89 degrees out. This is why we get so busy though. The mentality is that after Labor Day, white is out, black is back. So, over the next three days, will most of us spend some time hanging and folding as we switch things over or is she just a little ahead of herself? When do you switch your wardrobe over from summer to winter? Inquiring minds want to know!