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Super Wine Storage

CLASSIC ARCH WINE RACKS https://morestorage.com/classic-arch-wine-racks-p-2539.html


It’s that time again… the smell of fall is beginning to drift in the air… There are only a couple of weeks of summer left and if you reside on the east coast like we do, you’ll soon be blessed with copious quantities of snow along with sub zero temperatures as the rotten cherry on top. (If you live in an area with a warmer climate where you can drink wine outside all year long, stop teasing us!)

Get prepared, it’s never too early to get ready for the inevitable winter blizzard! Get to the grocery store and get all your canned soups and veggies, cases of bottled water, candles and batteries, and… wait, a second… what are we talking about? Canned veggies are gross, soup is overrated, and if you have kids, you’ll need more than just water and batteries to survive a power outage. If there’s even a remote possibility you could become barricaded in your home under 6 tons of frigid ice and snow, I think the recommended number of FULL wine bottles to have on hand is… 47!

Now hold on, maybe you’re sitting there saying to yourself “…that’s a lot of wine, how will I store it all safely?” You’re in luck! With our Classic Arch Wine Rack, storage is easier than ever, and it’s easy to see if you’re fully stocked when weather alerts come roaring your way. This rack features 47 individual bays, enough for all of your finest wine. The unit is constructed of durable steel with a powder-coasted black matte finish. (In other words, virtually damage proof!)

Once you’ve made it through the long winter months, this unit has plenty of summer uses, too! Place the rack on your pool deck with rolled towels in the wine cubbies for kids and guests to quickly grab. Store paper towels. Corral art supplies. Place rolled magazines in the slots and silently point if any tiny humans in the vicinity complain of boredom… the possibilities are endless!

Need a few extra spaces for luck? Have a more industrial style? All of the above applies to our Epicurean Wine Storage, as well… except that there’s space for a whopping 91 bottles!

EPICUREAN WINE STORAGE SYSTEM, 7 ROW RACK https://morestorage.com/epicurean-wine-storage-system-row-rack-p-648.html


How about you? Where would you use this Wine Rack in your home? Are you a fledgling wine connoisseur who needs storage space? Preparing for the apocalypse? A creative crafter? Hit us up in the comments with your thoughts!

There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

From Closet to… Fridge?

It's easy to organize and fully access "stuff" with our clear drawers at https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

This happy customer tidied up odds and ends in her fridge using our clear shoe drawers!

If you have a simply, sturdy, affordable fridge… it probably didn’t come with a lot of frills. We heard from one customer over the weekend that bought our Aberdeen stacking drawers and completely transformed her fridge just by adding two drawers! She says she keeps sandwich supplies in one, and kids snacks in the other – Bravo! for thinking outside the ‘box!’

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from a happy customer who was using these products for something other than their limited original purpose: a glass artist several years ago sent us this picture of her bins being used to sort glass scraps:

“I love that the bins are completely clear and that they easily slide all the way in and out of the frame. It saves me valuable time to stay organized and to be able to easily move material back and forth from my work tables.”

There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

Glass scraps organized in Clear Shoe Drawers from MoreStorage.com

There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

Glass scraps organized in Clear Shoe Drawers from MoreStorage.com

There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

Glass scraps organized in Clear Shoe Drawers from MoreStorage.com

Back to School Organizers (for Theoretically Organized College Students)

As your superstars head off to the dormitories, we’d feel left out not to chime in ourselves with some Back to School 2¢.  So here below, we’ve got 5 products, some obvious, some not so obvious, that may give you the momentary hope that your freshmen will weather the wrinkled rigors and survive their year the orderly bedside caddyabandon that only an underclassman can ever pull off.


Bedside storage space is practically nonexistent in those cramped little dormitories.  I mean, there isn’t exactly room for an nightstand with drawers and shelves – it’s usually elbow to elbow desks, laptops and smelly shoes.  So tuck a little serenity between the sheets so that your student can relax and study up on a wee bit of Cosmo before getting a good night’s rest!


Unless your “young adult” is an established laundry A-lister, chances are, you’re concerned about failing grades due to the noxious gases those clothes will be emitting by week 5 of classes.  We recommend not skimping in any way on products that might encourage your teen to spend a few timely minutes in the washroom.  Lightweight, durable, easy to carry and brightly colored, this tote will be an in-their face reminder that dirty duds and necessary suds await.


Do you remember where your wet towels dried in your dormitory days?  Properly sopping wet on your bed.  Most rooms don’t exactly come with generous portions of towel racks.  And if your student has long locks and extra towel needs?  Well.  We can pretty much guarantee that the space they may have been given is fairly insufficient.  Attaching to the top and bottom hinges of most standard doors, this hanging system offers 4 bars that transform unused space into 6′ of functional storage paradise. A perfect piece to travel with them year after year.  And then into their first apartment.  Maybe even their first home, years down the road.



Standard issue college desks are… how can we say this nicely?? Not always ideal on usable storage space.  Especially as new dormitories move towards slimline, utilitarian units, you may be at a loss to help your nervous student find a place for pencils AND paperclips.  Help them maximize on limited space, keep track of important accessories, and start learning the importance of filing, all in one rolling swoop.


Even we admit to some disbelief here.


On the off-chance they decide to look 100% presentable for that presentation? We think the chances of them deciding to go the extra mile may well be determined by how easy that ironing board is to access.  And hanging right there on the back of the door, access is undeniably easy.

So go forth our young Jedi’s.  May the Force of Organization be with you.

Judicious Back Hall Space


Oh, if the back hall was really just for hats and gloves and jackets. While there is plenty of that, we can’t overlook the shoes, backpacks, camera equipment and dog leashes that we have there as well. How can we keep all of that from over-taking our lives?

1) Be judicious about paring down the gear between seasons. No need to look at your heaviest down jacket in May or your sandals in January. Keep off season garments in the basement or attic in a garment bag to avoid dust.

2) Depending on your space and personal style, there are several methods to contain shoes. Large baskets that you toss everything into are an easy fix but may not suit those who are more finicky. Shoe shelves project out 12” regardless of whether they are angled or straight. Allow 11” per pair of men’s shoes and 9” per pair of ladies shoes on a shelf. See tip #1 regarding paring down off – season shoes.

3) Hooks are obvious for backpacks but be sure they can hold the weight by installing them into studs or pre-mounting them on a board. Always choose a double hook so a jacket can hang over the backpack.

4) Locker systems are excellent long term organizers and shouldn’t be overlooked if space allows.Typically 12-16” deep for jackets and up to 24” deep with bench seating, a good custom closet company can build this for you. Find a professional at http://www.closets.org/.
When building a locker system, take advantage of your ceiling height by putting in cabinets above your head for items like camera equipment and picnic items. Lockers aren’t just for kids stuff either. They make a great landing place for mail, your purse, keys and all the other items that seem to collect at the back door.

5) A pleasant off-shoot of the locker system is the creation of an environment of accountability. It’s their space so they need to keep up with it. Loose items that are found around the house can be placed in the lockers where the kids can find it. It will help Mom with picking up every day.

6) If you have no room for lockers, then divide your wall into “lockers” by mounting a line of hooks for each member of the family. Add a shallow wall-mount basket above each row of hooks for hats and gloves. Make sure the hooks are high enough to allow something as long as snow pants to hang. Don’t worry about hanging all the hooks at the same height. Adult hooks can hang higher. The alternating heights will add visual interest.

7) Consider color coding your hook areas. A graphic that uses shapes and colors to identify zones adds visual interest.

8) Consider a mail center for the family. A mail center will turn the chaos called everyday mail into a manageable task. No more piles on the kitchen counter.

9) Consider converting an area in your basement to a coat room. Good lighting and flooring will make the space feel more inviting. Include a bench for putting boots on.

10) Consider lining the wall with a slatwall system or peg board. You can hang any array of hooks and baskets to take advantage of the entire wall. Because this items are adjustable, you can move all the hooks and baskets as your family grows. Slatwall systems have a wide array of accessory items that will organize everything that you own.

Gathering Ideas From a Tour of Homes

perlick-double-drawer-freezerWe never think we know it all. We are always out there looking at what others are doing which is why we hit the Lewiston, NY Tour of Kitchens this weekend. This is not an ordinary event. The kitchens, main floor and gardens of 8 homes were open to the public. Restaurants offering food and wine tastings at each location made for a full afternoon. We saw some fabulous interiors and jaw-dropping views over the Niagara River. More importantly, we picked up a great tip in the kitchen design arena. Standard refrigerator/freezers often don’t provide enough of either space. Try installing a full refrigerator unit and put separate freezer drawers elsewhere in the kitchen. This substantially increases the amount of cooling space you have and eats up very little cabinet space. Genious.