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We’re EGGstatic!

After much planning, the Creative Storage store displays are undergoing an upgrade. After all, we have to make room for all the new products we’ve been bringing in! The transition is already underway. Our new espresso dressing room is sleek, sophisticated and loaded with features. We have installed a new craft room display, added some wonderful hamper baskets made in Cambodia and our fabulous new line of steel garage cabinets is on it’s way. Spring is all about freshening things up and we are right there with you!

Finding inspiration

Nothing gets the juices flowing more than a trade show. I’m at the Atlanta Gift Show where hundreds of showroom designers have ingeniously displayed their wares giving me all kinds of new ideas for using the products we sell. What if you used our clear shoe drawers to store rolled napkins and placemats? How about using a magazine basket for rolled towels in the bath? There are several showrooms displaying vintage wares. Old market baskets could be great for toys. Wait…there will be more. It’s only the first day of the show!