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There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

From Closet to… Fridge?

It's easy to organize and fully access "stuff" with our clear drawers at https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

This happy customer tidied up odds and ends in her fridge using our clear shoe drawers!

If you have a simply, sturdy, affordable fridge… it probably didn’t come with a lot of frills. We heard from one customer over the weekend that bought our Aberdeen stacking drawers and completely transformed her fridge just by adding two drawers! She says she keeps sandwich supplies in one, and kids snacks in the other – Bravo! for thinking outside the ‘box!’

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from a happy customer who was using these products for something other than their limited original purpose: a glass artist several years ago sent us this picture of her bins being used to sort glass scraps:

“I love that the bins are completely clear and that they easily slide all the way in and out of the frame. It saves me valuable time to stay organized and to be able to easily move material back and forth from my work tables.”

There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

Glass scraps organized in Clear Shoe Drawers from MoreStorage.com

There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

Glass scraps organized in Clear Shoe Drawers from MoreStorage.com

There are so many uses for these drawers! https://morestorage.com/clear-shoe-drawer-set-of-p-282.html

Glass scraps organized in Clear Shoe Drawers from MoreStorage.com

Back to School Organizers (for Theoretically Organized College Students)

As your superstars head off to the dormitories, we’d feel left out not to chime in ourselves with some Back to School 2¢.  So here below, we’ve got 5 products, some obvious, some not so obvious, that may give you the momentary hope that your freshmen will weather the wrinkled rigors and survive their year the orderly bedside caddyabandon that only an underclassman can ever pull off.


Bedside storage space is practically nonexistent in those cramped little dormitories.  I mean, there isn’t exactly room for an nightstand with drawers and shelves – it’s usually elbow to elbow desks, laptops and smelly shoes.  So tuck a little serenity between the sheets so that your student can relax and study up on a wee bit of Cosmo before getting a good night’s rest!


Unless your “young adult” is an established laundry A-lister, chances are, you’re concerned about failing grades due to the noxious gases those clothes will be emitting by week 5 of classes.  We recommend not skimping in any way on products that might encourage your teen to spend a few timely minutes in the washroom.  Lightweight, durable, easy to carry and brightly colored, this tote will be an in-their face reminder that dirty duds and necessary suds await.


Do you remember where your wet towels dried in your dormitory days?  Properly sopping wet on your bed.  Most rooms don’t exactly come with generous portions of towel racks.  And if your student has long locks and extra towel needs?  Well.  We can pretty much guarantee that the space they may have been given is fairly insufficient.  Attaching to the top and bottom hinges of most standard doors, this hanging system offers 4 bars that transform unused space into 6′ of functional storage paradise. A perfect piece to travel with them year after year.  And then into their first apartment.  Maybe even their first home, years down the road.



Standard issue college desks are… how can we say this nicely?? Not always ideal on usable storage space.  Especially as new dormitories move towards slimline, utilitarian units, you may be at a loss to help your nervous student find a place for pencils AND paperclips.  Help them maximize on limited space, keep track of important accessories, and start learning the importance of filing, all in one rolling swoop.


Even we admit to some disbelief here.


On the off-chance they decide to look 100% presentable for that presentation? We think the chances of them deciding to go the extra mile may well be determined by how easy that ironing board is to access.  And hanging right there on the back of the door, access is undeniably easy.

So go forth our young Jedi’s.  May the Force of Organization be with you.

Let’s Get Organized… One Bite at a Time

Welcome to January!! It’s National Get Organized Month and YOU’RE INVITED! Let us help you stow away your Christmas peacefully, organize your spice drawer simply, or tackle your hall closet with gusto. We also make great empathetic ears when you wade into an organization project with much enthusiasm only to have your happy thoughts blown to smithereens when it turns out to be a little more intense than you expected. We’re here for you. Seriously. No matter how big or small the project, we’ve got shoulders to cry on, products to rely on, and ideas to grow on for your Organized 2013.

 When it comes to organization, most of us are guilty of trying to eat projects the size of an elephant in a just a single bite.  Actually, we tend to do that with A LOT of things in January!!  We make lots of New Year’s Resolutions and try to tackle them all at once instead of understand that most change is gradual and giving our bodies time to adjust. 

 We think you’ll find that if you take your time, you can actually accomplish those goals you gave yourself, which would be an awfully nice change, wouldn’t it?  Using our simple calendar, we dare you to break things down into chewable pieces and challenge yourself to make organization a year-round habit, instead of a once-a-year fiasco.  So go ahead, learn yoga or French, give your vanity cabinet or silverware drawer or stern organizational smack-down, and give-a-go at that DIY headboard you’ve always thought about making.  Just try it… one… bite… at a time!

Below is a link to our PDF calendar WE use to keep calm, cool and collected and carry on with our own overwhelming organizational goals.  Feel free to download and use ours or make your own.  (I generally fill mine out in pencil because I like to move things around as I plan my year.  However, it’s also configured to work with Adobe so you can type your goals in making legibility or lostness no excuse for lack of accomplishment!)

 With that… Ladies and Gentlemen: start your Organization ENGINES!!!  (And remember, we’re just a phone call away!)

Organization Calendar 


Storage Designer Certification

final_acsp_color_logo2After years of discussion and months of preparation, the certification of designers of storage systems is about to be a reality. You can’t imagine the complexity of bringing this to fruition. So many decisions needed to be made to create an exam, a method of administering the exam, scoring, and licensing. Certification achieves several goals. It has become imperative to give the consumer a barometer for gauging the skill of the designer they hire. Certified designers will have credentials they can carry from employer to employer and a career, not just a job. With three levels of certification, employers know what skill level a job candidate has. For that matter, for the first time, the industry will be creating an identifiable labor pool. The industry has become so much more complex in the last 10 years. At one time, laying out a simple closet did not demand a broad background. However, this is no longer true. Designers need to be versed in cabinetry moldings, lighting, body mechanics and spatial concepts. A little life experience doesn’t hurt either. Designer certification is launching at the Closet Expo taking place in Charlotte, NC on February 23rd.

Timely Tips for 2011


love the beginning of the year. Now, don’t think me geeky but on January 1st, while many are recovering from carousing, I am organizing my calendar, switching files around and strategizing on how I can make the New Year better than the last one. Often, being organized is just about setting up the right systems that can be repeated. If I can save you just 6 minutes a day, you will have accumulated almost 40 hours to call your own by the end of the year. Here are my best tips to help you accomplish that:

1. What is your single biggest aggravation? Hate grocery shopping, bill paying or cleaning the bathroom? (Don’t tell us all of the above!) When there is a task you hate hanging over your head it impedes your ability to get anything else done, as you busy yourself with other nonsense in an attempt to avoid it. Worse yet, you do nothing while waiting to get in the mood to knock this job off. Solution? Assign it to someone else. Maybe you can trade one of their tasks for the one that eats at you. Let someone else do your grocery shopping from a list or pay your bills. Hire a cleaning person just to do the bathrooms if that’s what it takes. Your energy for the other jobs in your life will rise once the onerous task is removed from your list.

2. Don’t think you have to be Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker perfect. An orderly house is desirable but if you have 4 kids and a job, maybe something has to give. Make it easy for your kids to be neat. Children don’t like anything that takes more than one action to complete. Provide easy systems for them to use. For example, arguing about them hanging their coats in a closet is pointless. Put up hooks they can access easily and a basket they can toss hats and gloves into. Make that hook a double prong so they can hang up their backpack too.

3. Decide how much time each week you can devote to cleaning. For most of us, it’s not realistic to think that a whole day can be dedicated so break it up into hour long chunks and create a schedule. After all, you usually accomplish things that are scheduled. No reason why you can’t dust the family room while you are watching an hour of HGTV. Better yet, make a game of it for your kids. Hide nickels or dimes around the room and have them hunt for them while they are cleaning. You can get them into a lot of corners with this plan.

4. Run errands on a route. This may seem like Organizing 101 but it’s still worth mentioning. I rarely leave the house to complete one task. I leave this up to the guys. According to Marti Barletta, expert on marketing to women, men set their sights on one task at time. Send him for milk and that’s just what he’ll get. Send a woman for milk and on the way she’ll drop off the dry cleaning, return the pop bottles and stop at the post office. If you send your guy on an errand, give him a route. Keep track of those errands right at the back door with a message center.

5. Are you always looking for your keys or sifting through a mail pile. Why? What a waste of time. Spot these trouble spots during your day and create a place for everything- a real go-to spot. Key racks make total sense as do mail cubbies.

6. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about your kitchen junk drawer. Every kitchen has one. It’s another time waster. Why do you stand there sifting through it all when an inexpensive drawer organizer will reduce that to seconds?

7. You need our stair-step basket. Seriously. Load it up during your day and take everything upstairs in one run. Don’t even think about it. Just buy it. You won’t have a moment’s regret.

8. Set aside 1 hour the next time you are in a gift card store and buy your occasion cards for the year at one time. Honestly, you know your son’s birthday is coming up. It makes no difference that it’s in June. How many times have you stopped on your way to a wedding to pick up a card? Why, why, why? While you are in the store, also pick up a couple of sympathy, get well and blank cards for the events you don’t foresee. Once home, store them in a monthly dated binder or organizer specifically for cards so you can find them quickly. Ah….done.

9. Don’t put off until tomorrow something you can get done today. That needs no more description in my estimation. Procrastination is the biggest time waster of all.

10. On-line banking. I started this kicking and screaming but holy smoke, this is the biggest time saver of all time. You can even set up regularly monthly payments in advance if you like. I still like to decide when to pay things but it’s priceless to hit a button and have the payment go without having to address an envelope or get a stamp.

Now go, be organized and use that saved time to your advantage!

Happy New Year!

Judicious Back Hall Space


Oh, if the back hall was really just for hats and gloves and jackets. While there is plenty of that, we can’t overlook the shoes, backpacks, camera equipment and dog leashes that we have there as well. How can we keep all of that from over-taking our lives?

1) Be judicious about paring down the gear between seasons. No need to look at your heaviest down jacket in May or your sandals in January. Keep off season garments in the basement or attic in a garment bag to avoid dust.

2) Depending on your space and personal style, there are several methods to contain shoes. Large baskets that you toss everything into are an easy fix but may not suit those who are more finicky. Shoe shelves project out 12” regardless of whether they are angled or straight. Allow 11” per pair of men’s shoes and 9” per pair of ladies shoes on a shelf. See tip #1 regarding paring down off – season shoes.

3) Hooks are obvious for backpacks but be sure they can hold the weight by installing them into studs or pre-mounting them on a board. Always choose a double hook so a jacket can hang over the backpack.

4) Locker systems are excellent long term organizers and shouldn’t be overlooked if space allows.Typically 12-16” deep for jackets and up to 24” deep with bench seating, a good custom closet company can build this for you. Find a professional at http://www.closets.org/.
When building a locker system, take advantage of your ceiling height by putting in cabinets above your head for items like camera equipment and picnic items. Lockers aren’t just for kids stuff either. They make a great landing place for mail, your purse, keys and all the other items that seem to collect at the back door.

5) A pleasant off-shoot of the locker system is the creation of an environment of accountability. It’s their space so they need to keep up with it. Loose items that are found around the house can be placed in the lockers where the kids can find it. It will help Mom with picking up every day.

6) If you have no room for lockers, then divide your wall into “lockers” by mounting a line of hooks for each member of the family. Add a shallow wall-mount basket above each row of hooks for hats and gloves. Make sure the hooks are high enough to allow something as long as snow pants to hang. Don’t worry about hanging all the hooks at the same height. Adult hooks can hang higher. The alternating heights will add visual interest.

7) Consider color coding your hook areas. A graphic that uses shapes and colors to identify zones adds visual interest.

8) Consider a mail center for the family. A mail center will turn the chaos called everyday mail into a manageable task. No more piles on the kitchen counter.

9) Consider converting an area in your basement to a coat room. Good lighting and flooring will make the space feel more inviting. Include a bench for putting boots on.

10) Consider lining the wall with a slatwall system or peg board. You can hang any array of hooks and baskets to take advantage of the entire wall. Because this items are adjustable, you can move all the hooks and baskets as your family grows. Slatwall systems have a wide array of accessory items that will organize everything that you own.

Organize a coat closet

coatclosetEvery week we look at closets that have an existing shelf and rod. What can you do if you don’t want to remove the rod but want to add storage? Check out our friend’s closet. She has a nice collection of hats and gloves so we suspended an easy to reach cabinet under the existing shelf that has open shelving and 3 drawers. The hooks that are hanging the boots up will fit on any standard rod. The freestanding shelf that holds more boots has an invisible wall bracket that is easily installed. Notice that long coats are hung to the left of this shelf and jackets above it, making it more accessible. Check out the closet here!

Get a jump on the New Year

Happy-New-year-2010It’s fantastic to have a Friday be the first of the year. I have the whole weekend to get myself organized for 2010. Where do I start? I pick 2 “projects” first. These always involve the physical organizing of space. I’ve done my pantry and part of my home office this year. I weeded out, cleaned, labeled and partitioned to my heart’s content. I love the feel of clean, organized space.

Second, I set up my calendar for the year. This is REALLY BIG. There are a lot of digital calendars out there. I’m a fan of Outlook because I like to set “recurrences” and it syncs to my smartphone. Seamless and effortless. Google Calendars is web-based and has more apps associated with it so it’s another good option. I use the “recurrence” feature in Outlook for everything that repeats every year such as getting my car inspected or events like birthdays. Once I put a recurrence in there, it’s there for life unless I remove it. I’ll set up all the events I know of in advance such as trips(including confirmation numbers for hotel and air), sporting events, concerts or meetings. I set up reminders such as dates to start Christmas baking or dates tickets become available. I travel a lot and don’t always have access to my customer resource management program at work so I use my Outlook for that as well- reminders to call or notes on project due dates etc. My Outlook has all my contacts so I’m never without an address or phone number. I even log in ideas for gifts as they come to me. When visiting my nephew last summer he mentioned a great love of mustard. I took note and sent him a tasty trio for Christmas.

In short, it’s the first of the year and I’ve already set myself up for a highly organized 2010!