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Back to School Organizers (for Theoretically Organized College Students)

As your superstars head off to the dormitories, we’d feel left out not to chime in ourselves with some Back to School 2¢.  So here below, we’ve got 5 products, some obvious, some not so obvious, that may give you the momentary hope that your freshmen will weather the wrinkled rigors and survive their year the orderly bedside caddyabandon that only an underclassman can ever pull off.


Bedside storage space is practically nonexistent in those cramped little dormitories.  I mean, there isn’t exactly room for an nightstand with drawers and shelves – it’s usually elbow to elbow desks, laptops and smelly shoes.  So tuck a little serenity between the sheets so that your student can relax and study up on a wee bit of Cosmo before getting a good night’s rest!


Unless your “young adult” is an established laundry A-lister, chances are, you’re concerned about failing grades due to the noxious gases those clothes will be emitting by week 5 of classes.  We recommend not skimping in any way on products that might encourage your teen to spend a few timely minutes in the washroom.  Lightweight, durable, easy to carry and brightly colored, this tote will be an in-their face reminder that dirty duds and necessary suds await.


Do you remember where your wet towels dried in your dormitory days?  Properly sopping wet on your bed.  Most rooms don’t exactly come with generous portions of towel racks.  And if your student has long locks and extra towel needs?  Well.  We can pretty much guarantee that the space they may have been given is fairly insufficient.  Attaching to the top and bottom hinges of most standard doors, this hanging system offers 4 bars that transform unused space into 6′ of functional storage paradise. A perfect piece to travel with them year after year.  And then into their first apartment.  Maybe even their first home, years down the road.



Standard issue college desks are… how can we say this nicely?? Not always ideal on usable storage space.  Especially as new dormitories move towards slimline, utilitarian units, you may be at a loss to help your nervous student find a place for pencils AND paperclips.  Help them maximize on limited space, keep track of important accessories, and start learning the importance of filing, all in one rolling swoop.


Even we admit to some disbelief here.


On the off-chance they decide to look 100% presentable for that presentation? We think the chances of them deciding to go the extra mile may well be determined by how easy that ironing board is to access.  And hanging right there on the back of the door, access is undeniably easy.

So go forth our young Jedi’s.  May the Force of Organization be with you.

Picnic in a Bag

I’m a spontaneous person. I like to go as the spirit moves me. One of my favorite things in summer is calling friends on the fly and heading out for casual picnic and a sunset view. In my trunk, I keep my Table in a Bag…a stow and go picnic table that is only 6″ in diameter when stored and sets up in seconds with no tools. I hit the prepared foods center of my local market, grab a few cold beverages and enjoy the no-fuss evening catching up and maybe playing a little Scrabble. At the end of warm weather, my table stores in my closet taking up no room at all..ready for the next season of warm evening get-togethers. I wish you a summer filled with impulsive gatherings with friends that make you laugh like mine do.

Less Is More

mymoreIf you’ve paid any attention to national publications this week you might be struck by the realization that America is really changing it’s attitude. Everywhere there are articles about spending less, building smaller, going green, and using space more efficiently. Of course, we’ve always felt that people can do more with less space if it’s used wisely but there really seems to be a major shift going on. No doubt this is driven by the state of the economy but we wonder if this new mind set will stick when the global economy recovers or will we revert to our old ways? We’re not suggesting you spend less as much as spend wisely, buy quality and focus on need. Watch Morestorage.com for it’s new feature- My More For Less, the deal that’s a steal. We believe in the whole More for Less revolution too. We’ll be offering first rate merchandise at dramatically reduced prices- never damaged or seconds and never low quality, goofy junk. My More for Less is all about problem solving while delivering exceptional value…like everything we do.