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Sending a Spice Rack into your Organization Battle

It’s always a source of incredible inspiration to us to see what alternative uses our customers can come up with after an installation. As clothes and accessories get shuffled, re-shuffled, organized, settled and re-settled into their most ideal location THEN arranged by color, shape, size preference and availability, creative re-uses begin to show themselves:

Pants racks become accessory racks, drawer organizers find their way into every nook and cranny, and perhaps something we’re MOST excited about these last few weeks: the spice rack makes its way into your closet’s organization battle for the WIN!

While it may seem like we’re giving these little shelves more credit than they’re due or reading into things too much, just take a moment to think about spice racks with us for a moment.  Now, usually, these are decorative shelves which hang in your kitchen.  As such, manufacturers have gone above and beyond to give them a little extra design attention to make sure you have lots of options and that they’re something you’ll be proud to add to your kitchen walls.  This is no less important as the spice rack maneuvers its way into your closet: the well-designed little shelves will never detract from your prized accessories. 

As for use, you could hardly find anything more ingenious to help put the finishing touches on your closet organization.  The first things that came to mind when imagining the ideal alternative contents were nail polishes and make-ups, but why stop there?  Belts and brooches could be organized on one shelf.  Use another row to organize clothing emergency repair items like clothes pins, clips, threads, needles and buttons via clear shot glasses or votive holders.

 Back to the ideal contents, we’re convinced that a spice rack is the secret ingredient in packing for college when room sharing is imminent.  What better way to maximize your tiny sink space in your cramped dorm room then by getting a slew of your daily toiletries up and off the counter?  Get those nail polishes, make-ups, lotions, cu-tips and other daily necessities organized for a quick start the morning after a long night of studying and it will never be a struggle to dress and impress on those important presentation days. The campus is yours.

In summary: the lean profile of the spice rack and the plethora of uses it provides may make it the prefect finishing touch your closet has been looking for.