Shopping for architectural salvage

I fell across the most wonderful website for architectural parts and I thought I would share. Located in Rochester NY, the actual store is just as wonderful as the website. At Historic House Parts, everything is organized, tagged and priced. So many places that do this throw things into barrels and make you rummage for what you want. While the treasure hunt can be fun, it can also be time consuming. It’s clear they love what they do as they really respect their merchandise. The staff is readily available and very knowledgeable but all this came after I found them on the web looking for something in particular. Everything on their site is photographed meticulously and if there is a flaw, there are multiple photographs. Thanks for not trying to fool us. There are pages and pages of hardware and bath accessories but even so, if you can’t find something, don’t assume they don’t have it as things come in every day. A call to Cindy Hunt in their office yielded a quick picture of something I needed that was not on the site. Oh, and they have a great selection of reproduction hardware too. So there you have it. Visit Historic House Parts in person or on the web if you need something to complete your vintage project.

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