Organize a coat closet

coatclosetEvery week we look at closets that have an existing shelf and rod. What can you do if you don’t want to remove the rod but want to add storage? Check out our friend’s closet. She has a nice collection of hats and gloves so we suspended an easy to reach cabinet under the existing shelf that has open shelving and 3 drawers. The hooks that are hanging the boots up will fit on any standard rod. The freestanding shelf that holds more boots has an invisible wall bracket that is easily installed. Notice that long coats are hung to the left of this shelf and jackets above it, making it more accessible. Check out the closet here!

2 thoughts on “Organize a coat closet

  1. DAugspurger

    Of course! We have closet systems in every price range. As a renter, you may want something that doesn’t screw into a wall and is freestanding. We have garment racks on casters and shelf units that can incorporate a hanging bar along with shelves for folded clothes. Some renters talk to their landlords about closet organizers and are successful in getting it paid for- especially inexpensive wire systems that run $200-$300. It sure doesn’t hurt to ask.


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