Let the Sun Shed some Light!

Sunlight has the power to 100% deodorize and fight the nastiest stains your laundry room can conjure.

Everything is better when it’s sun-dried! Despite the booming chemical industry, the sunlight is still the #1 best odor and stain fighting tool in our laundry room.

Do you have a stain that just won’t come out? Like, perhaps, something wet snuck into the middle of your laundry pile and *gasp!* some mold grew? Nasty black mold? It may take a few days, but sunlight will do it.

Cloth Diapering Mommas have tested the power of the sun

Test Diapers

For instance, what could possibly get smellier or more stained than a cloth diaper? We have spoken with cloth diapering momma’s who have tested and fully approve of the sun’s powers. If the remnants of explosive baby bums can be freshened via sun-power, then I’m willing to guarantee they can take whatever else you can throw at them!

The best part of many of the models we offer is that even if your neighborhood has outlawed the use of clotheslines (we know, ridiculous rules!!) you can choose among many a folding, collapsing or tripod models which set up quickly on your back deck and can then be safely stowed before the nosy police arrive with their smelly indoor knickers in a knot.

The Gullwing Dryer: http://morestorage.com/gullwing-air-dryer-p-1407.html

The Gullwing Dryer: http://morestorage.com/gullwing-air-dryer-p-1407.html

If you don’t live in a climate that’s sunny and warm all year round, squeeze those last deodorizing drops out of the sun this fall with any of our favorite clotheslines or dryers – just GET THOSE LINENS OUTSIDE for a blast of fresh air!

Do you use the sunshine to bring the ultimate in freshness to your favorite garments?  What do you look for in your ideal drying racks and clotheslines?

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