Gathering Ideas From a Tour of Homes

perlick-double-drawer-freezerWe never think we know it all. We are always out there looking at what others are doing which is why we hit the Lewiston, NY Tour of Kitchens this weekend. This is not an ordinary event. The kitchens, main floor and gardens of 8 homes were open to the public. Restaurants offering food and wine tastings at each location made for a full afternoon. We saw some fabulous interiors and jaw-dropping views over the Niagara River. More importantly, we picked up a great tip in the kitchen design arena. Standard refrigerator/freezers often don’t provide enough of either space. Try installing a full refrigerator unit and put separate freezer drawers elsewhere in the kitchen. This substantially increases the amount of cooling space you have and eats up very little cabinet space. Genious.

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