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Picnic in a Bag

I’m a spontaneous person. I like to go as the spirit moves me. One of my favorite things in summer is calling friends on the fly and heading out for casual picnic and a sunset view. In my trunk, I keep my Table in a Bag…a stow and go picnic table that is only 6″ in diameter when stored and sets up in seconds with no tools. I hit the prepared foods center of my local market, grab a few cold beverages and enjoy the no-fuss evening catching up and maybe playing a little Scrabble. At the end of warm weather, my table stores in my closet taking up no room at all..ready for the next season of warm evening get-togethers. I wish you a summer filled with impulsive gatherings with friends that make you laugh like mine do.

What Kind Of Closet System Should You Buy?

If you are thinking about purchasing a closet organizer, how do you choose from the myriad of options? There are non-adjustable wire systems, adjustable track systems and what we call, full board systems (systems that are all melamine with partition panels that are drilled for adjustability). Here are some tips to help you choose:

1) Wire shelving is durable and inexpensive. It’s a good solution for rarely used closets or very basic plans. If installed to stud, it will support up to 75 pounds per foot. It’s readily available and can add extra space to any closet. Here’s the pitfall- the bottom garment on a wire shelf will always pick up the pattern of the grid. In a pantry, any appliance that has feet may get tangled beteween the wires. Lastly, wire is very hard on the binding of books. In some areas, adjustability may be worth paying for making the inexpensive appeal of this product, less attractive.

2) Track systems come with wire or wood shelves. Completely adjustable, these systems deliver a lot of function and are the easiest to install for the do-it-yourselfer. They are very weight tolerant as long as you don’t place your tracks more than 36″ apart. The pitfall- it has no partitions which can leave you feeling like things might fall off the sides of the shelves. These systems are particularly cost effective when you are creating wide sections of hanging. The Schulte Freedom Rail track system we sell at Creative Storage has drawer and shoe boxes that hang off the adjustable track, increasing it’s effectiveness. This system will manage more shoes in less space that a wire system. One of the best features of a track systems is that the shelving is pushed off the wall by 1 1/4″ allowing you to span a window or access panel with your system.

 3) Full board systems are more expensive than the other products but they have the most features too- adjustability, solid surface for small items, partitions that create cubbies and the unique ability to look like furniture, not just shelving. Once you have determined function, a board system goes a long way towards making your closet pretty with the addition of crown moldings and decorative drawer fronts and doors for example. These systems will be the most efficient at storing large quantities of shoes and have the most flexibility when it comes to adapting to the style of your home whether it’s contemporary or traditional. In a pantry, the partitions that are part of a board system allow you to store cleaning products next to noodles with comfort. The pitfall- these systems must sit flush to the wall so any existing cleat or wall defect must be dealt with prior to installation. Also, of all the systems, this can be the most difficult to install as it is very parts intensive and must be completely level to look good. Lastly, be aware that the expense is indicative of the time it takes to deliver a well-designed, well-built and well installed system. A bargain when purchasing this usually translates to less product, less features or less customization, none of which may be obvious when comparing drawings. Ask a lot of questions when comparing features.

So there you have it. Hopefully, when you go shopping for your closet, you will have a better idea of what you want.

My More For Less

It’s up and running!! My More For Less has debuted with the most fantastic deal on jewelry liners. Beautiful wooden boxes with taupe suede lining – 3 compartment for necklaces and 12 compartment for earrings and bracelets. These are being sold at half their original retail…but only while supplies last. Check it out here..

Less Is More

mymoreIf you’ve paid any attention to national publications this week you might be struck by the realization that America is really changing it’s attitude. Everywhere there are articles about spending less, building smaller, going green, and using space more efficiently. Of course, we’ve always felt that people can do more with less space if it’s used wisely but there really seems to be a major shift going on. No doubt this is driven by the state of the economy but we wonder if this new mind set will stick when the global economy recovers or will we revert to our old ways? We’re not suggesting you spend less as much as spend wisely, buy quality and focus on need. Watch for it’s new feature- My More For Less, the deal that’s a steal. We believe in the whole More for Less revolution too. We’ll be offering first rate merchandise at dramatically reduced prices- never damaged or seconds and never low quality, goofy junk. My More for Less is all about problem solving while delivering exceptional value…like everything we do.

Nest 8 Is A Beautiful Addition To Your Kitchen

41gqxuFJLjL._SY300_Morestorage is shopping for products at the International Housewares Show this week in Chicago. This is a huge show. Over 2000 exhibitors bring their wares for buyers to see. There are so many things to choose from but we try to stay true to our mission of offering products that make more space in your home and help you work more efficiently. Richard Joseph of Joseph Joseph Company talks about what inspires his designs in kitchen implements…check it out! 

Take a Tour of the Completed Tuscan Villa

The Buffalo Home and Garden Show was a complete success. Over 40,000 attendees enjoyed a walk through the Tuscan Villa Designed by the Interior Design Association. Creative Storage completed a fantastic coat room and wine room as their contributions. View the finished project ..Click here!

Another great find for your home office

ggjklvThere are a lot of utilitarian bulletin boards in the market place and even some decent fabric options but few as nice as these I found on my shopping trip. I love the designer fabric options and if you can wait a week or two, you can pick out the fabric you love the most and we can custom order for you. A bulletin board gets a lot of use. How great that it can be pretty to look at and functional as well. These should be in the store and on the website at the end of March. See what I  found- discovering great bulletin boards


Some people wonder if they can order off the website and pick up merchandise in our bricks and mortar store (Creative Storage, 634 Linden Ave Buffalo, NY) to avoid paying shipping. Sure. Many of our products are stocked in Buffalo to begin with. Some products don’t lend themselves to internet sales and are only available in the store so you may find some surprises.

Merchandise from our recent field trip has started to arrive so all you local yokels, stop by and see our finds.