Are you ready?

Fall is just around the corner and already our phone has started to ring with closet emergencies as teachers gear up to go back to school. I’ve seen this pattern every year. As the evenings grow shorter, it dawns upon us that summer is almost over. We need to get ready for the busy fall season. After Labor Day our schedules are insane and in just a few weeks, shorts and tees will be replaced with blazers and slacks. Don’t you want to¬†revolutionize the way¬†you get dressed?

One thought on “Are you ready?

  1. Kimberley Barker Nightingale

    I am certainly ready for Fall with my beautiful closet created by Creative Storage. In fact, I love it so much I want Diana to come and create another closet for me in my office/bedroom. Diana and her team at Creative Storage have done a great job in my newly renovated home. I would highly recommend them! and in fact I have recommended Diana and her team to many friends! Stay tuned for pictures of my closets by Diana and her team on my blog @


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