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For 26 years we have had a brick-and-mortar store and a custom closet company. Many of the assembled products you find here we have actually installed in our customers’ homes so we know how they function, why they are good to buy, and where they should be used. That is what makes our selection different from others’ – dedication to handpicking and product knowledge.

We are guilty however. We admit it. We have way too much fun at work. It’s not because we are at the beach or on a golf course. We just have tremendous passion for bringing you products that increase your storage space, are durable, and have style…all in one package. We get just as excited as you do when a great solution comes across our path. We are always giving manufacturers feedback on their products and how to improve them. Your comments aren’t lost on us either. If we agree with your suggestions, we send them along to people who have some authority over their product color, construction or design.

See a product you think we should carry? Call or email. We consider our on-line store as much yours as it is ours. You see, we’re just like you, looking to make our homes better for our working families. If we can deliver on that promise, we consider ourselves a success.

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