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Lets Spruce Up That Bathroom (Part One)

Hi again! Last week we talked some about making your laundry room as efficient as possible. this week we’re going to direct our attention towards the dreaded bathroom. The bathroom (or rooms plural if you’re lucky) is one of the most important rooms in your home. It might be the room where most of your family gets ready to tackle their day (AKA argues over who gets to go first), or even get unready after a long day before hopping into bed. There’s no doubt about it, the bathroom gets a lot of action (if you have children you surely know what I mean, and it’s not always good action) so we’re splitting up this post into a two-part series. Next week we’ll cover the rest of the bathroom/shower area but for this week we’ll be focusing on saving some precious counter space in a spot that has many uses. From makeup and vanity to oral hygiene and hair drying, a lot happens in that small space so as per usual before you go ripping your hair out (because then you’d have nothing to blow dry in your neatly organized bathroom) let us show you some products that could take your bathroom to the next level.

I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times I’ve had a mini tantrum in the bathroom while blow-drying my hair. it doesn’t help that most blow dryers weight 33lbs and are the size of an assault rifle but out of everything in that bathroom I’ve surely knocked over more stuff with that blowdryer than anything else and I’ve never had a good storage option so usually I’m trying to drag it out of the bathroom drawer while the power adapter and cord are picking up brushes among other things to come along for the ride. these next few products definitely alleviate that issue. Click on the images to view products on site for pricing and descriptions.




My personal favorite is the Mybella styling station above, keeps my bazooka sized hair dryer and curling iron out of sight completely and takes up very little space on the inside of a cabinet door which would otherwise go unused.

One of the other red flag areas of my bathroom is my lack of counter space and general counter and drawer organization. So, that being said, when I need a specific item that usually entails picking up between four and six items to check underneath or behind before I take the dive into the draws to dig through my piles of makeup, Q-tips, toothpaste and the occasional kids toy. it wasn’t until I started utilizing drawer organizers that organization zen was achieved. The products below are some of my favorites.






Now some of you out there may be lucky enough to have an actual vanity so keep in mind these drawer organizers can be used with that as well, nothing ties these down to just bathroom use, I’ve actually used these to organize my crafting items as well.

I’ve dealt with my fair share or messy bathroom countertops but my days of violently knocking things over then screaming uncontrollably at 6am while digging through elbow deep piles of god know what in my drawers just to find that elusive mascara are over! In our next blog post we’re sticking with the bathroom but heading towards the shower! see you there! Don’t worry, I don’t mean like, see you in the shower…. I won’t see you there. you get me, right? Goodbye for now folks!

Laundry Room Efficiency

Hi again! In our last post we did our best to help you get that kitchen under control. This week (if you’re lucky enough to have one) we want to help out with your laundry room. Having a laundry room can be an indispensable asset to any home, but if you find yourself walking to said laundry room and chucking a pile of clothes onto the floor and walking away, the benefits of having that room are diminished. To milk your laundry room for all its worth its best to have an organized approach as to not drown in a pile of clothes that wreak like a high schoolers jockstrap. We’ll show you some products that you can use in order to keep your laundry room running like a well-oiled washing machine (see what I did there?)

First, you should at minimum make sure you have some kind of separation. Dirty clothes in and clean clothes out, seems simple? Not when you have multiple family members adding or subtracting to your laundry situation. If you’re not alone in your household laundry can get mixed up easily and believe me you’ll NEVER find that favorite sock of yours again. just let it go. For the real deal launderers out there these may be the remedy.

Bamboo Quad Sorter

Pictured above is our Bamboo Quad Sorter. For the connoisseur in laundry sorting, the Bamboo Collection Quad Sorter is an upscale, natural piece that adds modern elegance to any laundry facility and beautifully coordinates with any décor.  4 black bags hang from wire handles fitted over a sturdy frame.  The wire handles make transferring bags to and from the sorter nearly effortless (load-size depending, of course).  Once free from the frame, the bags can be detached from the handles for easy washing.  Smooth rolling casters and handles on each end of the cart facilitate movement while two locking wheels fix the cart in place when you have it in position. If this isn’t to your liking check out another one of our sorters below.

Antique Bronze Sorter

Above is our Antique Bronze Sorter. Featuring washable polyester bags in natural flax, this 4-Bag Sorter allows you to divide and conquer even the highest laundry summits. Know the size of your loads with a glance. Keep whites, lights, darks, and delicates separate from the start or keep normal wear separate from the really dirty gear. Each washable bag hangs from wire handles that fit over the sorter’s sturdy steel frame, so you can sort, lift, and wash fearlessly. With an antique bronze finish and streamlined design, this Sorter provides an attractive alternative to the wicker hamper. Roll from surface to surface on its smooth rolling casters and scale your cloth mountains. Go, sort, and conquer.

Either one of these sorters will surely help you conquer those towering piles of stinky clothes. However sometimes one of the biggest issues that come along with a laundry room is space. what good is a laundry room if you cant move about freely slinging & folding clean clothes at a blistering like an assembly line worker? Here are a few products that may help you save some valuable space.

Drop Down Ironing Board

The Ironaway A-46 (pictured above) seeks to make all that difficulty disappear and leave you with crisply ironed clothes with a minimum of hassle. Neatly installed on the wall, the Ironaway stores the iron and provides an electrical outlet all in one place. For all the fancy technical specs click on the image to view it on our site. This product will surely score you some “space points”.

Over The Door Mount For Board & Iron

This is how you store an ironing board when space is at a premium. On the back of a door of course. This rack easily slips over the door frame. It is constructed to hold either a T-leg or Y-leg designed board. No tools required. It even holds the iron. The perfect solution for craft or sewing rooms when occasional pressing is needed. Chrome. 6″ long bracket for use on doors up to 1-3/4″ thick. Also extremely easy to assemble.

Still looking for a little more space? maybe a rolling clothes rack is taking up too much real estate? Install a few of our Insta Hangers (pictured below) onto the walls of your laundry room for an immediate space gain. These things are Fantastic (even in your closets). When you need it, pull the cover open and drop the steel rod down for a sturdy 12″ of hanging space that holds up to 50 pounds! (that means if your kids won’t leave you alone while you’re trying to get laundry done you can just slip a hanger into their shirt and give them a place to “hang out” while you finish up in peace! (Totally kidding we don’t recommend that). When you don’t need it, the InstaHanger closes with a flip of the rod. Perfect for the laundry, a sewing room or entry closet. Even the garage could use one. The Insta Hanger cover is injection molded plastic, available in either white or black.


As always, if these products don’t suit you be sure to check out for many more products that can surely help you take full control of your home organization!