Monthly Archives: February 2011

Storage Designer Certification

final_acsp_color_logo2After years of discussion and months of preparation, the certification of designers of storage systems is about to be a reality. You can’t imagine the complexity of bringing this to fruition. So many decisions needed to be made to create an exam, a method of administering the exam, scoring, and licensing. Certification achieves several goals. It has become imperative to give the consumer a barometer for gauging the skill of the designer they hire. Certified designers will have credentials they can carry from employer to employer and a career, not just a job. With three levels of certification, employers know what skill level a job candidate has. For that matter, for the first time, the industry will be creating an identifiable labor pool. The industry has become so much more complex in the last 10 years. At one time, laying out a simple closet did not demand a broad background. However, this is no longer true. Designers need to be versed in cabinetry moldings, lighting, body mechanics and spatial concepts. A little life experience doesn’t hurt either. Designer certification is launching at the Closet Expo taking place in Charlotte, NC on February 23rd.