Monthly Archives: April 2010

Less Is More

mymoreIf you’ve paid any attention to national publications this week you might be struck by the realization that America is really changing it’s attitude. Everywhere there are articles about spending less, building smaller, going green, and using space more efficiently. Of course, we’ve always felt that people can do more with less space if it’s used wisely but there really seems to be a major shift going on. No doubt this is driven by the state of the economy but we wonder if this new mind set will stick when the global economy recovers or will we revert to our old ways? We’re not suggesting you spend less as much as spend wisely, buy quality and focus on need. Watch for it’s new feature- My More For Less, the deal that’s a steal. We believe in the whole More for Less revolution too. We’ll be offering first rate merchandise at dramatically reduced prices- never damaged or seconds and never low quality, goofy junk. My More for Less is all about problem solving while delivering exceptional value…like everything we do.

A White Closet Can Still be a Custom Closet

People often think that the color of closet shelving and architectural elements is what makes it custom. No, it’s the layout of the space, the consideration of your body mechanics and how you store your wardrobe. I just visited a small closet we installed for a customer who is 6’3″. View the video of his space by clicking here. You might notice there is no shoe storage. The customer requested this. He keeps his shoes downstairs at the back door and didn’t want to waste valuable closet space for them. You also may wonder where his ties and belts are. Well, he rarely wears them so we tucked them behind the closet door where they are easy to access but not part of his everyday work space. Here’s the most amazing part. Like many of our male customers, he didn’t think it was worth it to spend money on his closet. “Just give me a shelf and rod. That’s all I need.” He called me recently to tell me that we revolutionized the way he gets dressed and now he’s a raving fan. His wife told me that he talks about his closet almost every day. He’s obviously pleased with the end result of this project but we’re even more pleased. There isn’t anything we love more than unleashing a raving fan.