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Some people wonder if they can order off the website and pick up merchandise in our bricks and mortar store (Creative Storage, 634 Linden Ave Buffalo, NY) to avoid paying shipping. Sure. Many of our products are stocked in Buffalo to begin with. Some products don’t lend themselves to internet sales and are only available in the store so you may find some surprises.

Merchandise from our recent field trip has started to arrive so all you local yokels, stop by and see our finds.


Hang pictures without nails

Shopping for

40992_142429312458022_7972610_nIn the interest of keeping things simple, I am enamored of the new “adhesive” pictures frames I found. These are so cool. You position them on the wall with your photograph, phone list, poem or list of affirmations etc. There is a ton of possible uses. If you have no dressers in your bedroom, you can still show off a few photos using this method. In a child’s bedroom, you can put a picture up and not worry about any breaking glass. It’s just a more decorative way of posting any kind of list and at the end of the day, just makes life a little prettier and fun.

Finding inspiration

Nothing gets the juices flowing more than a trade show. I’m at the Atlanta Gift Show where hundreds of showroom designers have ingeniously displayed their wares giving me all kinds of new ideas for using the products we sell. What if you used our clear shoe drawers to store rolled napkins and placemats? How about using a magazine basket for rolled towels in the bath? There are several showrooms displaying vintage wares. Old market baskets could be great for toys. Wait…there will be more. It’s only the first day of the show!

Get a jump on the New Year

Happy-New-year-2010It’s fantastic to have a Friday be the first of the year. I have the whole weekend to get myself organized for 2010. Where do I start? I pick 2 “projects” first. These always involve the physical organizing of space. I’ve done my pantry and part of my home office this year. I weeded out, cleaned, labeled and partitioned to my heart’s content. I love the feel of clean, organized space.

Second, I set up my calendar for the year. This is REALLY BIG. There are a lot of digital calendars out there. I’m a fan of Outlook because I like to set “recurrences” and it syncs to my smartphone. Seamless and effortless. Google Calendars is web-based and has more apps associated with it so it’s another good option. I use the “recurrence” feature in Outlook for everything that repeats every year such as getting my car inspected or events like birthdays. Once I put a recurrence in there, it’s there for life unless I remove it. I’ll set up all the events I know of in advance such as trips(including confirmation numbers for hotel and air), sporting events, concerts or meetings. I set up reminders such as dates to start Christmas baking or dates tickets become available. I travel a lot and don’t always have access to my customer resource management program at work so I use my Outlook for that as well- reminders to call or notes on project due dates etc. My Outlook has all my contacts so I’m never without an address or phone number. I even log in ideas for gifts as they come to me. When visiting my nephew last summer he mentioned a great love of mustard. I took note and sent him a tasty trio for Christmas.

In short, it’s the first of the year and I’ve already set myself up for a highly organized 2010!