Particularly Picky

I threw an Oktoberfest party 2 weeks ago. I had bid on the catering at a charity auction so half the work was done for me. The fun part was choosing the menu. I asked for bratwurst from a local German market, apple strudel from a local German restaurant and De Maas Oktoberfest brew from the Community Beer Works, a local brewery. Homemade German potato salad and German chocolate cake (what else?) completed the selections. The caterer would not have sourced all the products from those particular provisioners. She told me so and added that, of course, I need to have things just so. She wasn’t trying to pigeonhole me as being picky. She was more admiring that I am particular…and I am. The good news is that same level of attention spills into every corner of my life including the details of jobs I design for my customers. It doesn’t do to waste 6 inches of space in a pantry if I can put a compact folding ladder there. I will sweat out how to use every last inch in a closet, manipulating the components until every last wardrobe piece is accounted for. I am concerned about how things line up, meet in corners and maximize the use of space. I demand it for myself and I demand it for my customers. Why settle for mediocre if we can have exceptional? Nope, I’m not picky, I’m just particular and it shows…in every installation we do.

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